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National Affordable Housing Management Association

Proud Partner

JAHMA is a proud affiliate of The National Affordable Housing Management Association. NAHMA is the leading voice for affordable housing, advocating on behalf of multifamily property managers and owners whose mission is to provide quality affordable housing. Its members manage and provide quality affordable housing to more than two million Americans with very low and moderate incomes.


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Education and Professional Credentialing

NAHMA has an online searchable database—the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource for locating NAHMA credential holders and members. Updated twice monthly.

Membership Information

There are several levels of membership for NAHMA. You can choose from Executive, Executive II/III, Associate, Affiliate, and Subscriber. 

Grassroots Action Center

Needing to take action on an affordable housing issue? NAHMA's Grassroots Action Center may be able to help you.

Drug-Free Kids Calendar Contest

NAHMA's contest is open to children and senior residents 55 years or older who live in a NAHMA or local AHMA community. Children winners receive scholarships and senior winners receive cash prizes.


of Quality®

National Recognition and Awards Program

The Communities of Quality® National Recognition Program acknowledges the best multifamily affordable housing communities across the country for excellence in the way they manage the physical, financial and social condition of the properties.

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Scholarship Program

Nearly 80 NAHMA and/or local AHMA residents received scholarships in 2016, totaling $197,500. Since 2007, the foundation has awarded nearly $1 million in scholarships.