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Dedicated to improving the professional skills and knowledge in affordable housing

The New Jersey Affordable Housing Management Association (JAHMA) is a nonprofit professional organization of property managers and owners who specialize in the development and operation of government assisted/affordable housing. JAHMA serves the entire state of New Jersey.

JAHMA is dedicated to improving the professional skills and knowledge of personnel working in this special field, to industry representation, and to a better living environment for all residents of assisted/affordable housing.

Interested in becoming a member? Or just want to know more about what JAHMA does? We hope you'll spend some time on our website.



JAHMA has three levels of membership.

>> Regular Membership
Available to property management companies who manage federal, state, or locally subsidized or insured housing projects.
>> Affiliate Property Membership
Available to properties belonging to Regular Member Companies.
>> Associate Membership
Available to vendors whose clients include property management companies.


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